Cultural Evening – 25th August

The student community came up with the biggest ever organised cultural event in the history of IISER M. The event was organised to highlight the activities of non-academic clubs like Dance, Drama and Music. The clubs were thrown the gauntlet by the SRC and yes, they did wear it with suave that eve. It was […]

These Years – Mohit Tanga

Never have I lived before in a city without mountains. A city with no backdrop, to lean against. A city with all and the celestial rising at the horizon. A city with rivers having no ebb wading through on low tides guided by The distant shiny stars on no moon nights. Its a difficult life. […]

Three Apples that Changed the World

The Apple That Eve Ate by Vrinda Ravi Kumar ….from the Book of Genesis: Chapter 2 The story of Adam and Eve tells of the creation of man and woman and their ultimae fall from glory. God made the first man from clay and named him Adam. He also created a beautiful garden, which was […]

Memoirs of a browbeaten door – Sharmi Sen

From the very first day that I was fixed in between the forbidden corridors on the seventh floor of hostel 5 (to the relief of a few and annoyance of very many) I knew my life would not be easy. The inhabitants, on either side of where I stood, seemed mighty strange. They were not […]

Chocolates by Debanjana Kundu

I eat, drink, breathe chocolates and am sure many are like me… absolutely crazy about it. For me it is ‘chocolates everyday keep doctors away’. As a matter of fact, I have come to realize in the last couple of months that it also acts as the best incentive! Chocolates as we know it today […]

Humour in Form

Purism and the Public by Neeraj Deshmukh

Purism and the Public by Neeraj Deshmukh

A primary attribute that one must possess if one desires to be good company at the chat window online, these days, is the ability to type like a complete retard. Of course, the choice of the word might be make some sensitive soul gasp and the people for human rights might even scorn at it, […]