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From the Editor’s Desk – Mohit Satish Tanga

It was a dark and a stormy night…

The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali completed its first academic year in April 2008. This past one and a half years have been eventful and interesting because we, the first batch were the lucky ones to see and participate in the building of an institution. New challenges and great opportunities awaited us and the two semesters between Aug 2007 and April 2008 were full of challenges which inculcated in us a sense of responsibility, duty and initiative towards the institute. The faculty, staff and the students worked incessantly to lay a social, educational, cultural and ethical foundation.

IISER Mohali is a laboratory where mind and soul are cultured. Aiming at academic excellence, seminars and colloquiums were held at the Institute throughout the year. Even though it was the first year, nothing seemed amiss and students under the guidance of various faculty members hosted events and celebrated festivals too.

IISER Mohali’s aim is not to create just a group of scientists but a spectrum of individuals who will add flavour to academia. In years to come we shall be proud to be called an alumnus of an institute which changed the weltanschauung of people towards science. Its objective is to give a new dimension to research in the country, carving a unique space-time fabric which would attract the youth of the nation to science education and research.
We have also been privileged to have Prof. Sathyamurthy as the first Director of IISER Mohali. Both as a person and a scientist he has been instrumental in inculcating a spirit of science in students. This first issue of the IISER Mohali magazine, ‘Manthan’ has been in the pipeline for some time now and is finally ready. It has been a pleasure for me and my team to write the various articles and most of all recollect the events and experiences of the past year and half. This first issue tries to introduce IISER Mohali and at the same time presents popular articles by both students and faculty. At this moment I do not know what shape and direction the future issues of ‘Manthan’ will take, but I am sure it will evolve to become a journal of repute, combining both scientific and popular content.


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