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Our Toppers Unplugged

Keshav Aggarwal
My second semester started on a high note. Probably because I had smoothly gelled into the system, and partly because I had become more open minded. The start saw my perspective widening in all respects. I started liking biology also! The courses offered were very interesting. Among many things, I studied genetics and also succeeded in understanding the ‘ε – δ’ definition of continuity. I’m sure you realize how mysterious it gets if you do not get a proper guidance or if you are simply ignorant! Apart from all this, I did a whole lot of other stuff. We organized the science day and a couple of cultural events. Some days before the end semester exams, I got down with chickenpox. A socially inactive person as I had been in my first semester, I then truly realized the importance and beauty of hostel life. That semester was really wonderful. And what I’ve written is a negligible part of all the good things that happened and the masti I did.

Jithin Paul
Last winter was a wonderful time. The Nature was beautiful and the fresh air always carried fragrance of some distant unknown flowers. Motivated by nature and the three powerful theories introduced to me at that time- Genetics, Electrodynamics and Quantum Theory, I could always keep myself awake and  inspired. More and more clearer pictures started coming to my mind. I enjoyed doing science when truth and reasoning started comforting me.

There are a few faces I should remember at this time and I do now. Naming them will dilute the effect of my deepest love and gratitude to them. Without their support life would be miserable.

I doubt if wisdom, unlike knowledge, can be communicated. Therefore it is very important to listen to our internal voice to succeed. We can actually feel our potential rising and we start understanding more difficult things with less effort.
And instead of worrying about results or remembering things, we start learning for its own sake. Naturally, a good result is bound to follow.

IISER is, undoubtedly, going to be the dreamland of minds desperately seeking knowledge. Let us do science passionately for the goodness of everything. And let us be like the small dew drops which fill within them the infinity of blue sky. I wish everyone all the best. May God bless You !

Nishtha Agarwal

My life at IISER Mohali is very different from what I had envisaged before I came. I never thought that I would blend in so well, so fast and find a new family here in just a matter of a few days. I found that everything here was enjoyable and to my satisfaction. Add to that my newly made friends and life seemed complete.
Here, the academic side of my life found a new threshold to stand on. Back in school labs seemed like a drag, but now I find myself looking forward to them. At IISER, we are expected to know our apparatus, and if we don’t, it’s our job to find out. Naturally, that is easier said than done, but the challenge makes it more fun. Lectures were sometimes very interesting , and sometimes a little boring. The content was more or less along my lines of expectation, but the information was delivered in a whole new way. The Group Theory was a whole new way of looking at mathematics. It changed my definition of maths, as from ‘1+1 = 2’ to something way more abstract and malleable. Mechanics was something I always fought through, but now Dr. H.S. Mani added something indefinable that made everything seem so much more relevant. Chemistry, my favorite subject, especially the labs, really took me into the world so many chemists seem to love and live in. The academic environment here is apt for research, something I really value and have seen very rarely. Moreover, it triggered my  nerve cells to think. Even though I had no biology background, everything in this subject seemed to get into my mind quite easily just   because of the amazing faculty here.
But surely this isn’t the end, just the beginning. Of course there is more to it,  my friends, our outings and all the fun that comes with college life. These small things  seem to have given a new dimension to my life.  Basically studies with fun, application based learning, not routine learning, all this seemed to be the keywords at IISER, and, I thank God for it. I wouldn’t really have it any other way. Hope IISER stays this way and the environment stays this amazing forever. I am really grateful to the IISER family for making my life great here…


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