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Message from the Editorial Team

It gives us immense joy and satisfaction to finally re-introduce our very own college magazine “MANTHAN”. Just like the gods and the asuras churned the ocean of milk to extract the nectar, we have tried to churn out creativity from this mess of science. A lot of effort has gone into the making of this issue.We hope you enjoy reading the magazine.The best thing about this issue is that it represents the creative side of IISER M students to a fair degree-something that we think we all need to reconnect with. Amidst the busy schedule of a 4-month semester, with 3-exams, surprise quizzes and all those assignments and problem sheets that make you want to bang your head on the wall, we tend to lose track of all the other simpler things that we are capable of, things that we could have been proud of, that can bring one satisfaction.So this time we have made an attempt to bring out the talent concealed within our student community. This issue includes articles, poems, anecdotes, art-works, a host of other things and also a parody.We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Any suggestions or criticism on the magazine would be most welcome.


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