The Team

We are

an Editorial team

with a purpose,

a dictionary

and a thesaurus.


Manthan Team 2009

  • Editor in Chief: Mohit Satish Tanga
  • Prashant Mishra
  • Amit Kumar
  • Manish Parek
  • Vinit Kumar
  • Kirandeep Kaur
  • Vikesh Siddhu
  • Kasturi Banerjee
  • Anurag Kanaujia
  • Gaganpreet Singh
  • Devesh Gokul

Manthan Team 2010

  • Editor in Chief: Kirandeep Kaur
  • Amol Deshmukh
  • Prashant Mishra
  • Shristi Batra
  • Amita Aggarwal
  • Rishi Raj Trivedi
  • Vinit Kumar
  • Anurag Kanaujia
  • Rajni Ranjan
  • Deepansh Shrivastava

Manthan Team 2012

  • Debanjana Kundu
  • Vrinda Ravi Kumar
  • Neeraj Deshmukh
  • Manas Samant
  • Arul Ganesh
  • Debmalya Das
  • Chetna Sood
  • Sharmi Sen
  • Nishtha Aggarwal
  • Agastya Bhati
  • Niddhi Kahinsa
  • Ananya Rastogi
  • Kshitiz Mohan
  • Vivek B. Raina
  • Tejinder Singh Chechi

2 comments on “The Team

  1. Why is this not updated? Interesting read

  2. @IISER Magazine team…..first of all u all have done a fab job in creating such a version of our magazine…I just wanted to bring one thing in your notice….IISER magazine 2009 version lacks the “Sports Day Article” which was very much the part of the e version uploaded on our insti’s website….hope the positive development follows soon……
    Keep up the good work……….\m/ \m/
    Best Wishes…
    Bharat….ms07 batch……….i guess abhi bhule nahi hoge…

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