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We, the privileged – Danish Shamoon

I watch how time passes by in life
In the morning you’re born
In the noon you’re a naughty teen
Till the evening you’re done with your friend
At the end of the day you’re sleeping in the grave
You see, life’s just the span of a day

I never realized how much I’ve wasted of my life
I never cried over the weeping child whose family got killed in the war

I never fed a hungry old man lying like a corpse on the way
I never cared about the helpless woman being exploited in front of my eyes

There are plenty of it
How many should I tell?
Plights, we all know, we are aware but still we don’t care
Why? Because Its not happening to us
But when it does, world shatters

I look in the mirror, I’m so privileged,
I can see, I can speak, I can walk, I can think.
I never used these things but for my own self , how selfish I’ve been
All this happening around and I kept watching quiet as a mute spectator

I think what I’ve done whole my life
I feel ashamed of myself
I am sorry to all those whom I never looked back
This day I rise, I pledge-
No matter how long I live, I’ll live for all, I’ll care for all

Whatever power I possess, Whatever I do
I promise myself I will shine as a star
And bring a smile on every face
And burn away all the plights that exist
I will cross the limits that prevent me from reaching my goal
And I’m sure there are many stars, known and un-known.


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