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Vijyoshi Camp – Srishti Batra

“Vigyan Jyoti Shibir”, better known as the ‘Vijyoshi’ camp was an initiative by the government of India, to provide a platform where students could interact with the world’s most distinguished scientists.
Vijyoshi was organised by the Departement of Science and Technology (DST) in collaboration with the Jawahar Lal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, JNCASR. The camp was organised at the Jawahar lal Nehru University, New Delhi from 13-15 October 2009.
Forty-two students of IISER Mohali attended the camp along with Dr. Samrat Ghosh. Vijyoshi, gave us the opportunity to interact with students from different IISERs, IITs and KVPY fellows from various other institutes, thus strengthening the bonds between us. Moreover, we got to see the lighter side of Dr. Samrat Ghosh , and had casual and friendly chats with him at nights. He consistently supported and encouraged us to get actively involved in all the co-curricular activities. We also explored the different departments , libraries and labs at JNU.

At the camp we got the opportunity to meet and interact with eminent scientists like Nobel Laureate Professor Richard Zare, Professor CNR Rao, Professor Amtoz Zahavi, Balasubramanium, Richard Catlaw, Anthony Cheetham, Marke Phaste and many more. These personalities took us to the fascinating world of science and technology consisting of “Nano-tubes”, “Computer modelling”,“Material science in 21st century” , “Biology of stem cell” and many more, but the one which turned out to be everyone’s favorites was the “Honey bee dance language”.
Perhaps, the best part of Vijyoshi was the informal interactions with these renowned scientists in between tea breaks ,lunch break and at dinner. One of the most memorable part of the social interaction, happened over a bonfire during the last night of our stay . This camp had been a special experience for all of us and now we look forward to more such camps.


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