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IISER Mohali at Shimla by Vinit Kumar

Students on the Ridge, Shimla

The trip organized by Prof C.G. Mahajan and Dr. Manash K. Paul left for Shimla at dawn. We were accompanied by Mr J.P. Singh, Mr. Kulwant Singh and a few of our non-teaching staff. It was January and temperatures were as low as 4°C. We had covered ourselves from head to toe. The bus ride to Shimla was very pleasant and the atmosphere in the bus was a contrast to the one in the classroom. As the bus entered Himachal Pradesh the landscape made up of the high peaks of the Shivalik range and the green valleys were mesmerizing. We captured the natural beauty of the state in our cameras and hearts.

We reached Shimla around 11:00 am. We took a lift to the famous Mall road. We were fascinated by the view from there. The city seemed perched on a mountain slope and the clouds floated around the buildings and trees. It was interesting to see buildings precariously hanging on to mountain slopes. Shimla was just like we had visualized it in photographs. The church and the government buildings were beautiful and gave us a glimpse of colonial architecture. It was then that it started to snow and everyone was excited as most of us had never experienced snowfall before. Unfortunately, it only lasted for a very short time but was enough reason to take a taxi to the snow bound resort of Kufri.

Kufri was a contrast to Shimla as buildings were replaced by snow clad trees and mountain slopes. There was a couple of inches of snow everywhere and it seemed as though the landscape was painted white. We all enjoyed the snow and it brought out the child in all of us. We went back to Shimla at 5 pm in the evening and ate at hotel Sher-e-Punjab. We then proceeded to Ridge where the scenery was beautiful and we couldn’t resist clicking a few more photographs.

In the evening we took the bus back to Chandigarh after one of the most memorable experiences of the year.


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