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Sangeet Sandhya – Srishti Batra

An evening dedicated entirely to cultural events was organised on the 21st of November with great effort from both students and faculty. The evening started with the lighting of the lamp by our very own Director Dr. Sathyamurthy and Mrs. Sathyamurthy and little Ahona. This was followed by a three hours of scintillating performances(on both dance,drama and music).There was no doubt that the show stoppers of the event were Ahona, Apala and Upasana.Professor Vishwanathan also showed us his musical side by playing evergreen melodies on the mouth organ.
Student performances included the singers Sameep, Bodhisatta Nandy who sang “Pyaar ke khath”,dance on ‘Bas ek Pal’ by Kasturi and Gaurav(that turned quite a few heads I tell you!), and an unforgettable MJ hiphop number by Vikesh and Aditya. A fusion dance was also presented by a group of very talented students- Abhishek, Abhilasha, Gaurav and Vrinda; the rocking performance by Jithin, Shivpal, Vivek and Bharat-IISER M’s first band left the audience amazed. Shivpal and Mayankh kept the audience in fits of laughter between performances with their hilarious mimicry and witty humor.
Hitesh, Kasturi and Vidit presented a very sensitive issue on the agony and trauma of the people suffering from AIDS in the form of a short skit. Another drama was performed which left the audience with a very relevant question “Desh k baare mein kya socha hai?” by Manmeet and Shristi ‘Mona’ Batra.
The programme ended with the students thanking the faculty for their help and support. This was followed by a special dinner in the hostel mess. The very first cultural event in the history of IISER M was no doubt a very successful one and we hope to have many more such events in the future.


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