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Pinjore by Mohit Satish Tanga

MS07 batch at Pinjore Garden

Our first excursion from IISER Mohali was to Pinjore, a place famous  for its gardens. Pinjore is situated in Haryana and is a place of historic importance. Being just 27 kilometers from the institute we decided that we would make this a day trip.

It was short bus ride to Pinjore. We were accompanied by our warden  Dr. Manash K. Paul. On our way we also had a glimpse of the Mansa
Devi temple. We were welcomed by Rajasthani folk dancers at the
Pinjore gardens. The guns at the gate signified that the garden was
previously a fort. The grand fountains at the entrance was a beautiful sight. As we entered the gardens we were overwhelmed by the greenery. The trees I am sure, were as old as the fort. A line of fountains ran from one end to the other end of the wall. The beautiful sights and smell of the flowers, the fading lights and the cool breeze made the experience even more enjoyable. Rather romantic in my opinion. We captured the beauty of these gardens on celluloid. It seemed like the finest picnic of the year.

We then visited the amusement park which was just adjacent to the garden. It was like a carnival and activities such as go-karting, boating, toy train rides, test-your-power and shooting were all there. We were thrilled with the go-karting. Some of the students put their muscle power to test but none could win the challenge. It was then decided that a gymnasium is a must in the institute. After all one needs to have a strong mind and a strong body. The shops selling regional handicrafts in the amusement park caught everyones attention and a few of us decided to take a memento back.

After an enjoyable evening arranged by the Institute we decided to take leave and returned to the Chandigarh knowing that there was immense pleasure even in the simpler things in life.”,


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