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Message from the Director

I am delighted to see that the students have come forward to produce Manthan 2010, in hard copy. The last edition was confined to e-space. I hope the current one will reach the desks of every individual involved in IISER Mohali.

Gone are the days when a scientist was caricatured as bearded, confined to the lab gentleman.Today, a large number of women have taken to science. As a matter of fact, some areas are dominated by women work force. Besides, the scientist has become global. He/she has to constantly educate the public about the science that is being done with the taxpayer’s money. Magazines like Manthan 2010 play an important role in educating the public about science and its pursuit.

As Michael Faraday seems to have said, a piece of scientific work is not complete until is published. Modern scientific practice requires careful recording of experiments and results in a manner that is acceptable globally.As more and more people are becoming aware of Intellectual Property Rights and related issues, it is important for the students to learn what is published and carefully publish new results as quickly as possible. This is where producing a magazine in a time bound manner can teach the students about the nuances of publication.

IISER Mohali takes pride in its students, faculty and staff. Not only because they are good in what they are doing, but also because they are involved in a wholesome education that involves teaching as well as research.

I congratulate the entire editorial team of Manthan 2010 for doing an excellent job. I hope each forthcoming issue of Manthan becomes better than the previous one and sets higher standards for the subsequent batches of students to meet. That is how quality improves. In our pursuit of knowledge, there can be no compromise on quality!

I wish the entire IISER/M team all the best.


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