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Confessions of a Utopian.. by Danish Shamoon

I opened my eyes in the middle of a chaos
Gazed at the folks and thought
Life brings moments of cheers and pain for each
But what deeds comprise our  Life? I beseech.
Reason is the code to decipher the truth camouflaged
While fallacies bring delusions and groups amok
A handful of hidden people now rule the world feeding their greed
And keep the crowds in illusions playing with their creeds.

Among the crowds lie groups of all kind
One holds people frivolous, vacuous and intemperate serving their self centered creeds    
While one falls prey to the predators of mafia breeds
One that dominates has kids (apparently grown-ups) who boggle and vacillate
And the small one which fights the evil out and inside (within one’s self)

Parts of you and me wander in each
While a few of us search for the lost bits of peace
That’s why the mood swings when my socials call
Numbness takes over and I’m lost in thoughts

I run away from you ’cause I’ve chosen a different path
It may not be for long that I’m gonna last
I respect the emotional bonds but I’ve got to carry on
I hold your smiles in heart, the glances, the moments and all
And (laughs) I seem to have forgotten a few social protocols.

I don’t claim I do a lot nor do I blame the spectators either
May be its an uproar that will fade or a phase that will pass
A state of mind that emerged out of a trial
Or an obsession built on a fantasy
Whatever………we have a free will
What we choose to do makes us who we are.

I don’t shout aloud ’cause there is still lot to learn
But inside lies a spark which might be ready to burn
I dream of a Utopia that we all must earn!


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