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We need to thank KSV and Arvind sir first because they’re the faculty and it’s not nice to thank them anywhere else. We need to thank the printers for sticking to the deadlines we gave them. We would like to thank the developer of the DSLR, because even when you take the picture of a sad, drunk zombie with a DSLR, he ends up looking like Santa Claus in December in the photo. Also for the evolution of a new species, Homo dslr-always-around-the-neckiens.

We would like to thank the genes in our families that gave us the required tendency to OCD that helped restrain the length of the magazine that we finally managed to get our hands on. We would like to thank the outstand-ing response from the IISER family that enabled us to publish our own stuff because frankly, nobody else would. We would like to thank the few for sending in articles that complied in every way to our stringent standards. Editing was a breeze in the park.
Finally, we would like to thank the people who designed the places to sit on the side of the canteen because without you, Manthan would be on the rocks.


PS. Special thanks to Rahul Chajwa for the Manthan cover design, T.R. Rao sir for the inside back cover and Arjit for the Manthan logo.. Also to KSV sir  for the beautiful caption for the inside back cover…


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