The Woman – Debanjana Kundu

Born is she amidst vibrant hues
Ushering happiness into the lives of all
With her magical touch flowers bloom, cuckoos coo
She shapes her own dreams of standing tall.

As days pass she transforms into the ultimate beauty
She sends the mercury soaring high
Leaving many thirsty for just one glimpse
When she walks in her red evening gown, bidding her public life good bye.   

As a home-maker she is clad in pastel and brown
She grieves not of her beauty that’s gone
Carefully she nurtures her baby
For she knows her daughter will be sunshine next morn.

She walks about feebly in white
Her hands perpetually cold, too numb to her cane
She looks back and ponders- she’s sure to have lived her life
She closes her eyes to be reborn again.

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