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A Visit to the Science City – Kirandeep Kaur

The students and faculty of IISER Mohali visited the Pushpa Gujral Science City on the 22nd of March, 2009. The Science City was established with the philosophy of introducing the masses, especially school students to the fascinating applications and developments in the field of Science and Technology. A major tourist attraction, it is sometimes referred to as an emblem of pride for Punjab.
As science students it was a pleasure watching interesting applications of some common scientific principles. It was fun exploring the Space Museum, the Digital Planetarium, and the Earthquake Simulator. The Energy Park was meant to create awareness among the masses about the new technologies developed in the area of renewable energy. The Solar Restaurant, which was a part of the Energy Park, served food cooked by solar cookers.  From a very entertaining laser show to a captivating documentary showcasing the mighty Alps at the 3-D theatre, the Science City was a feast of experience. One unique feature was the Dinosaur Park, which represented the evolution of dinosaurs on Earth and some probable reasons of their extinction. The park was set up under the supervision of Dr. Ashok Sahni, who is fondly known as the ‘Dinosaur Man of India’ and is currently a visiting faculty at IISER Mohali.
It was one of the best trips undertaken by the entire IISER family.

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